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Chinese Writing Paper

Click on any of the links below to automatically download pdf files of blank Chinese writing paper to practise on

For more writing paper formats and information regarding Chinese writing paper see the credited website.

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- Advice to beginners on how to approach learning Mandarin, separating speaking from reading and writing as many people just want to be able to speak and not necessarily read and write Mandarin.

- Roadmap on how to approach Mandarin study for the long run

- Suggestions for study methods

- Suggestions for both free and paid resources

- Reviews of both free and paid services

- Blog to discuss Mandarin learning including methods, time dedication, resources, motivations, game-plan changes over time, common traps, etc. All sorts of things will be discussed on the blog but only blog posts very relevant to resources may be linked to from this resources section

- Plenty more, just can't remember them right now!

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